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    Shanghai Yifeng (Group) Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Pudong New Area, with advantageous geographical position and convenient transportation. It is a professional enterprise of precision machining and brazing which integrates development, production and sales.

    Founded in 1985, after years of rapid development and market development, the company has a fixed assets of 120 million yuan, and equipped with various advanced CNC program-controlled equipment more than 100, machining center more than 20 and tunnel gas shielded high temperature brazing furnace 4. At the same time, various high-tech and new product development, and has passed the ISO 9001 and ISO / TS 16949 international quality system certification. The products mainly cover the automotive industry, household air conditioning, power tools, hydraulic systems and other fields, and exported to North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia and other places, by domestic and foreign customers praise.

    The company in line with the leading technology, perfect management, reasonable price, customer service business philosophy, continuous innovation to meet the growing market demand, and with some international well-known manufacturers to establish a good trade relations..

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